Hello everyone,

This is a small website where I'll put news about what research we are currently doing. I am currently a member of the Sherbrooke Connectivity Imaging Laboratory. We mostly develop new method for viewing and processing diffusion MRI data.

You can lookup our in-house viewer for MRI data and fibers, the fibernavigator. It also includes a really cool real-time fiber tracking module for DTI and HARDI-like datasets.

We also have a platform for fiber tracking validation. Go check out the tractometer for more information.

We also contribute to the Diffusion Imaging In Python (or dipy for short) library, go check it out at github. It's a library covering most of the common algorithms, processing and reconstruction methods used for dMRI data.

Made with Python, it's freely available under a BSD license. Go check out the examples to see some methods it offers and how you can use them.


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