It is with great pleasure that I hereby announce that we will be at the ISMRM 2014 in Milan, Italy. Our group has submitted some great abstracts and we have two oral presentations, two power poster sessions and two regular posters as well.

Be sure to come see our power poster sessions (which is new this year) and features a 2 minutes 30 seconds pitch selling about the poster, with a multimedia presentation on a big plasma screen afterward.

This offers the ability to discuss at length with the abstract's author while having a small oral presentation as well, something not always possible with the traditionnal oral presentations. I will present a new technique for denoising dMRI data based on self-similarity, redundancy and dictionary learning. Grab the abstract over here and be sure to come say hi!

There is also another power poster presentation on how to process DSI data. Using some simple algorithmic tweaks, it enables one to get better reconstructions from the same acquisition and should become the defacto way to process DSI-like acquisitions.

We also have two talks : one about the Tractometer and another on a new way to do group analysis on fibers bundles.

We will also be presenting a poster on deconvolution methods for ODFs reconstruction with a R2 term (such as the Constant Solid Angle reconstruction method for example). The last poster will be on fiber compression explaining how to keep relevant data in tractogram without sacrificing accuracy, but still having lightweight files.

Be sure to come see our work in May if you happen to be at the conference!


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